About New Pianos

Darrells Music Hall is proud to offer you the finest collection of Pianos with special pricing
that offers a wide range of affordable solutions for players at all levels.


At Darrell’s Music Hall, we offer a wide selection of New Acoustic Grand and Upright Pianos from Yamaha, Seiler, Schimmel, and Baldwin. Models comes in a mix of finishes and come in all sizes - A Grand Piano is the ultimate instrument as well as the most beautiful piece of furniture needed to complement the decor of any room, or the centerpiece on the concert stage. Here at Darrell’s Music Hall we offer the highest quality pianos at the guaranteed best price on all brands we carry.


The presence and beauty of a grand piano in any home is warm, inviting, and inspiring. It is the centerpiece of any living room, and the gathering place for generations of families. Here at Darrell’s we have a large selection of grand pianos in all sizes, finishes, and for all abilities. Our family welcomes you to experience our expansive collection of grand pianos here in Sales Tax Free Nashua, NH.


If space is an issue, an upright piano may be your answer. Whether it you prefer a traditional upright piano made of natural grains of wood, with intricate detail and carvings. Or a contemporary high gloss ebony professional upright. With over 50 new upright pianos in stock, We have the selection you are looking for.


We are proud to offer digital pianos from the top 3 Manufacturers: Yamaha, Roland, and Casio. You will find New England’s largest selection of Hybrid, digital, and portable digital pianos here on display and arranged for fair and unbiased comparison between the three brands. Our family welcomes and encourages you to experience today’s modern digital piano here in our newly expanded digital piano showroom.