Our Staff

A team like no other! From the industries top piano experts, to music educators that
help you reach you musical dreams, our staff is here to help support your needs.

KC Darrell - President

KC (Kenneth Charles) is the President of Darrell’s Music Hall. KC started here right out of high school when his father Ken Darrell founded Darrell’s Music Hall in 1969. KC has worked with countless Educational and Religious Institutions in New England, assisting in getting them the pianos they need, and their music programs on their feet. KC is a well known public figure in Southern NH with his many charitable contributions to the community, arts, and youth sports. He is a proud grandfather of 4, has a black lab named Sadie, and is a avid New England Sports fan.

Adam Darrell - Vice President

Adam lives locally with his wife Roxanne, and is a proud father of two. When he’s not around a piano, you can find him backpacking the White Mountains with his two Staffordshire TerriersAdam has been immersed in pianos since a very young age. Learning not only how to play, but all the fine details of the piano craft. At the age of 5, he would come in and hang around the shop soaking up all the information he could about the instrument’s mechanics, materials, structure and design. Like his Grandfather and Father, Adam has been involved in every aspect of the family business. He has been to several piano manufacturing plants, as well and countless music technology and education seminars.

Adam has embraced the technology available to us in the piano industry and has been a driving force in getting our youth interested in playing piano again, while incorporating a bit of fun technology.

Russ Fontaine - General Manager

Russ is going on his 25th year at Darrell’s Music. Russ is a professional pianist, organist, as well as a piano technician. At a young age Russ started lessons on a organ, and supplemented with pianos lessons. Through the 70’s Russ played keyboard for both local and national acts. Russ has a wealth of knowledge, he knows his pianos, brands, materials, history, and anything in between. Have a technical question? See if you can stump Russ.

Russ lives here in Southern, NH with his wife, and is a proud grandfather of two.

When he isn’t working on pianos, he enjoys playing golf, and working on cars.

Nina Ward - Sheet Music Specialist

Nina has been with our company for 44 years! Nina loves music! Need a lesson book, or perhaps a obscure piece of music? She’ll find it for you. Nina is a pianist herself (loves her Yamaha grand) and is a great resource for our local teachers.

When not researching your piano music, Nina loves to work in her garden and vacation at Cape Cod.

Michele Edington - Office

Michele lives here in NH with her husband and two puppies. She is a very proud grandmother of 2. You often find her quilting in her downtime here at the storeMichele is a sweetheart. Always cheerful and happy to greet our customers. Michele has been with Darrell’s for 22 years. She is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. She runs our office, and day to day operations.

Michele lives here in NH with her husband and two puppies. She is a very proud grandmother of 2. You often find her quilting in her downtime here at the store.

David Guimond Jr - Warehouse Manager

David (or Junior) has been with Darrell’s for 3 years. Always smiling, quick with a joke, and happy to pick up a piano. If you choose in-store pickup for your Digital Piano, David can assemble the piano at no charge, and have the piano loaded into your vehicle for easy pickup.