At Darrell’s Music Hall, we offer a wide selection of New Acoustic Grand and Upright Pianos from Yamaha, Seiler, and Schimmel. Models comes in a mix of finishes and come in all sizes - A Grand Piano is the ultimate instrument as well as the most beautiful piece of furniture needed to complement the decor of any room, or the centerpiece on the concert stage. What’s more, we also offer Yamaha Clavinova and Hybrids pianos. Shop in our store, or enjoy the convenience of online shopping. Here at Darrell’s Music Hall we offer the highest quality pianos rodycrt at the guaranteed best price on all brands we carry.

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Acoustic Pianos
Acoustic pianos offer a wide range of options from small uprights to full-size concert grand pianos.
Eduard Seiler Grands
Seiler Grand Pianos
This Eduard Seiler baby grand offers big sound at small dimensions. Conceived for home use, the ED-168 allows you to enjoy the playing comfort and dynamic sound of a full-size concert grand every time you sit down to play, practice, or compose. Whether you are a professional pianist or an ambitious amateur, you will love your ED-168.
Eduard Seiler Grands
Seiler Grand Pianos
Each instrument has its own character, and one look at the ED-186 tells you that it is a gem. With its elegant shape and a tonal quality that allows you to explore all styles of music, the ED-186 will be more than an instrument to enjoy — it will be a partner, opening the door on new vistas to your enjoyment of playing.